Amazing Car Stunts : Extreme Tracks

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Amazing Car Stunts : Extreme Tracks चे वर्णन

Are you ready for the new generation of Tricky Car Stunts? Amazing Car Stunts: Extreme Tracks is a trend in these days in gaming world. We sure about you will be stunned after play this mind blowing and fabulous game. Our purpose of entertaining the racing game lover or stunt lovers. The amazing and fantastic impossible tracks you will see when you will drive your sports car through tubes and the impossible tracks which are placed in the air you will enjoy these ways. Try to manage your speed by focused the tricky tracks because if your concentration will lose you will lose your level or life.
Smash the dangerous hurdles with sports car and beat hot atmosphere with your smashing driving skills in Amazing Car Stunts: Extreme Tracks. Using turbo nitro engine, enjoy rapid nitro power to win the race. Choose your favorite speedy car and prove yourself a super driver by showing off your amazing tricks and by completing complicated levels. This action-packed game is full of thrilling and exciting gameplay.

Amazing Car Stunts: Extreme Tracks started with wonderful gameplay, where you will play as speed racer, try different amazing stunts and enjoy your driving. Hold the NOS button to speed up and make long hikes. Each successive mission encourages you to complete more difficult tricks! Incredible impossible tracks are waiting to burn the sports car tires. Play like best driver; make different stunts on tricky tracks and burn the tire with the help of dangerous drifting on impossible tracks.

• Variety Of Marvelous Sport And Stunt Cars
• Play as sports driver and kill all the impossible tracks with amazing stunts
• Wonderful gameplay with dangerous hurdles and tricky environment
• Realistic car physics and smooth controls
• Amazing 3D graphics and realistic sound effects

Drive and moves through the treacherous shocking ramp to dominate the tricky levels! Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy loads of dangerous stunts! Enjoy the thrill of drifting and landing through outstanding stunt ramps. Amazing car stunts is specially designed for racing lover. Smash all the dangerous hurdles and clear the incredible missions with your amazing driving skills.

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APK आवृत्ती 1.0
सुसंगती Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
निर्माता Action Uni
परवानग्या 5

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